About us

Great Cransley Parish Council is a statutory body of elected councillors who meet in the village hall each month to consider and decide upon matters relating to out parish. We are the lowest tier of local government and are statutory consultees of Kettering Borough Council and Northamptonshire County Council, on matters pertaining to our village. Each of these bodies also have elected councillors who are answerable to our village residents. Parish councillors are unremunerated and receive no expenses, working on an entirely voluntary basis. The Parish Council has to employ a Parish Clerk who is “the proper officer” and is responsible for ensuring that the council behaves in a proper and legal way also keeping the minutes of the meetings, sending out agendas and writing correspondence on behalf of the parish council.

The Parish of Great Cransley has 238 number of registered electors which means that we are entitled to our Parish Council of 7 members and a Parish Clerk.

The Parish Council meet on the Second Thursday of every month from January to November at 7pm. These meetings are open to the public who are able to address the Council for 5 minutes at the commencement of the meeting. Members of the public are then able to observe the Parish Council for the remainder of the meeting and are unable to make any further comment unless invited by the Chairman.

Each meeting considers and approves the minutes of the previous meeting subject to any alterations agreed.

The agenda for these meetings is published on website together with the minutes of every meeting once approved.

The meetings have to include a financial report,  consideration of any correspondence, planning applications, police or neighbourhood matters, highway issues, a report on the Village Hall, play ground, parish plan and any other issues effecting the Village which has been raised at other levels of local authority. The Parish Council also publishes the Cransley Chronicle which is published free by a resident of the Village and this includes items of interest to parishioners and dates of events.